Shelf Life: Indie Publishing and Its Future

Last month I published an article in a student magazine (here in Dublin) called Deadline. It was a feature looking at the Dublin Zine Fair from last August as well as independent publishing in Ireland and elsewhere. I spoke with Sarah Bracken, of Baby BEEF Press and organiser of the fair, Jenika Ioffreda, the woman behind the comic book Vampire Free Style, and Dean Van Nguyen, the editor of One More Robot. Anyway, Deadline had only a small local reach and the original article, prior to being cut down, is published now on Drop-d. See please click HERE and have a read.
I really enjoyed doing this piece, it was something a little different and hopefully I can do something like it again in the future, more extensively and in depth, and speak with more people. For now, check it out.

Photo: Sarah Bracken

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