A bid farewell

All good things must come to an end, right? But it’s debatable whether or not The Grind That Annoys was ever really good, certainly not in recent times anyway.

It dawned on me a while ago that this blog turned seven years old in March. The fact that this passed me by says everything. For the first four or five years, I was very active on here. At one point I was even firing out a blog post a day when I was supposed to be working on college assignments. Simpler times.

I set this up as a means to write about music that I liked but over the last two years or so that’s becoming increasingly difficult to do thanks to work and real life stuff. I considered continuing with The Grind That Annoys but with sporadic posts every now and again, tackling a topic or record that was on my mind whenever the mood struck but then there would be no flow at all. If there isn’t consistency then there’s no point.

So, sadly I’m calling it a day on this here site. I’ll still be doing the occasional review and interview for Metal Ireland (plug: here’s one of my latest) or shitposting on Twitter so you haven’t got rid of me entirely.

Anyway, over the years some people actually read this site, unless the analytics are playing a cruel joke on me. If you’re one of them thanks very much for wasting your time reading what I thought about some post black metal album or something. It’s been fun.

PS – Thanks to Between the Buried and Me for the name.

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