Burzum to release Umskiptar in May

The controversial Varg Vikernes is not staying quiet in 2012, with a new album announced today. Umskiptar (translating as Metamorphoses) will be released in May, as usual through Byelobog Productions. The album will be 65 minutes of “skaldic metal” and was recorded in Bergen at Grieghallen Studio. According to Vikernes, “the lyrics on Umskiptar are all taken from a Norse poem, Völuspá”. For more details click HERE. Umskiptar will be the follow-up to From The Depths of Darkness, which came out in November and was a batch of re-recordings of tracks from the first two Burzum records. Fallen, released early last year, was the man’s last full-length of new material and was a very strong record so interested ears await Umskiptar. [EDIT: Artwork below]

Blóðstokkinn (Soaked in Blood) (1:16)
Jóln (Deities) (5:51)
Alfadanz (Elven Dance) (9:22)
Hit helga Tré (The sacred Tree) (6:51)
Æra (Honour) (3:58)
Heiðr (Esteem) (3:02)
Valgaldr (Song of the Fallen) (8:03)
Galgviðr (Gallow Forest) (7:16)
Surtr Sunnan (Black from the South) (4:14)
Gullaldr (Golden Age) (10:20)
Níðhöggr (Attack from Below) (5:00)

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