Indeed, this is malfunctioning

We all love a good cover, right? There’s something just fun about a band paying tribute to an influential act that paved the way for them, or it could be a case of a band taking the piss with a ludicrous rendition, like Bodom doing ‘Oops I Did It Again’. Of course, there are plenty of covers that outright abysmal, Cradle of Filth butchering ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ anyone? And didn’t Fall Out Boy once cover Gorilla Biscuits? Yes, that’s the sound of everyone shuddering.

While not too long ago we had Krallice doing a pretty cool cover of Rorschach’s ‘Traditional’ from the classic Protestant, we now have another cover that you can freely file in that abysmal folder mentioned above. Lavalette are a New York-based pop rock act who have taken Cro Mags’ ‘Malfunction’ to places it’s never been before, or even dreamt of being. The track from the pivotal Age of Quarrel album, the New York hardcore legends’ finest hour, has been restyled as “New York City heartcore” complete with saccharine vocals and synths aplenty. Have a look at the video below and after that heal yourself with playing the original very, very loud.

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