[R]evolution begins

Cork’s [R]evolution of a Sun finally released their full-length album, Hell, in early July, through Underground Movement. It’s an album that has been coming for a while and was very much anticipated with elation. Several stops and starts hindered the release from coming much sooner, with it once being referred to as the “Chinese Democracy of hardcore”, which refers to the many, many deferrals of the album but by no means the utter shiteness that characterises GNR. Come on now, the difference is that Hell really is a stunning and brutal record.

The Cork six-piece have a lengthy discography of EPs and demos behind them, and while that material is strong in its own right, it appears as a feeble child by comparison to Hell. Have a listen to the track ‘Evolution’, the opener of Hell, for further proof, it encapsulates everything that is great about the record.

[R]evolution of a Sun will be playing Dublin’s FilthFest on September 3rd, the day headlined by Doom, with Only Fumes & Corpses and I’ll Eat Your Face amongst many others also on the bill. Come along and witness the six-piece in glorious action and do pick up a copy of the record too, you don’t want to be the uncool one with a copy, right?

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