Textures streaming second new song

Fresh off releasing the first taster, ‘Singularity’ from their new album Dualism, Textures have released another new song for streaming. This time it’s ‘Reaching Home’. The song is streaming now on Revolver’s site or can be heard just down below.

‘Singularity’ was nothing too groundbreaking, still impressive, but just not as gripping as some of the band’s previous material, particularly that on last record, Silhouettes. ‘Reaching Home’ flirts much more with the band’s heavy melodic side and is much stronger than its predecessor. However, new vocalist, Daniel de Jongh, feels like too much of an impression of former singer, Eric Kalsbeek. The band certainly seemed to have hunted down a similar replacement, intentionally, and these two new tracks do feel a little contrived right now because of that.

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