Löbo – Alma EP

There are four tracks here, and this EP clocks in at an excitable 35 minutes. Alma is possibly one of the most challenging listening experiences of the year, but a challenge wholly greeted with open arms, or more specifically open ears.

Löbo are an ambient experimental rock four piece hailing from Portugal. The fully instrumental Alma is a largely esoteric trek to listen to with many post metal mannerisms and Sunn O))) influences floating about.

The song titles, much like their length, are mostly long and testing to recite, especially if Portuguese isn’t your forte.

A thunderous and avalanching crash initiates “Aqui em baixo a alma mede-se com mãos cheias de pedras” and summons the vast cadence to be de-reined with Alma, on only the first track.

Haunting electronics then come to the fore on “Carne e sombre”. They, almost, harshly sway for its six minute duration.

The electronics continue with the arcane “Matei os meus mestres – Silenciei os meus ídolos” but the guitar makes a return too. An eerie, near inexplicable, sound penetrates the aural milieu here until another loud smash pervades the din.

Gentle strum introduce “Por fim só. Livre”. which void of cautiousness delves further into the abstract and ruinous but pacifying world of Löbo. Its air then sharply rises and we’re once again in reminiscent territory of Alma’s inception. The pulsating aura pushes and pushes only to mellifluously drift away and thus bringing this debut EP to a dazzling close.

The only unfortunate aspect of Alma is it is painfully ephemeral and its transience leaves you imploring for more; more hellish yet gorgeous soundscapes. Prudence is cast aside here and gutsy music is created. Listen, enjoy, be enthralled.


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