New Fear Factory track

After all the uncertainties and supposed legal quibbles the new Fear Factory are set to release their new album Mechanize early next year. So, here’s our first taste, “Powershifter”.

On first listen “Powershifter” moseys around very familiar territory. Dino Cazares is sticking quite rigidly to his crushing riff format. Granted, he pioneered his own technique but he’s now really under threat of just sounding boring. Something similar can be said for Bell, but his vocals are familiar in a slightly more positive fashion.

As for drum god Gene Hoglan, his punishment of the kit here is the highlight. Finally, the production is pristine.

From this angle, “Powershifter” can’t be a means to judge this new incarnation of Fear Factory. It’s a very average affair but hopes remain high for Mechanize.

View the artwork for Mechanize HERE.

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