Glorie to release new EP in March

Memphis instrumental band, Glorie, will release a new EP next month entitled Falling. With CD pre-orders live now, the band is also streaming the opening track, ‘Sunshine Then Nightmares’ from the new effort, which you can listen to below. All pre-orders will come with an immediate digital download of the EP. 

Glorie’s post rock styling is one much more based around the serene, and this track, and the EP as a whole, is a rather subdued and affecting listen, clocking in at just 22 minutes. Meshing elements of Braveyoung and Explosions in the Sky to supreme effect, Glorie have still managed to forge a record that sounds like themselves, albeit a short one.

2011’s self-titled album was a solid affair that hinted at what the band might be capable of and more than anything, exhibited a flair for ideas, something especially vital in what has become an oversaturated field.


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