New Killswitch Engage track

The internet exploded this morning (ok, not exactly) with the new Killswitch Engage song, ‘In Due Time’, from their new record Disarm The Descent, one of the very few mainstream metal albums of 2013 that I’m interested in, for obvious reasons.

Straight away, the song doesn’t appear to be going for Alive of Just Breathing part 2. Thankfully, this is of course the band’s first new album with Jesse Leach on vocals since the 2002 album. ‘In Due Time’ feels a lot more invigorated than the 2009 lead single ‘Starting Over’ with more reckless riffing and less sheen. However, that doesn’t mean the band has opted for a bestial production. This is still clean modern metal with a titanic chorus to boot and the band actually having a guitar solo in a song, it’s not something terribly common on all their records but works very well here. I’m relatively pleased with what they’ve done with this track, and suitably intrigued by the new album as a result.

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