Some nice images…

Here’s a look at some new album artwork that have all been posted online in the last week or so.

The artwork for Cellgraft/Drainland split 7”:

The photo was taken by Emmet C and the 7” is looking set for a release in June. There will be two tracks from Drainland on the split – ‘Alpha Rat’ and ‘The Ghost of Warren Street’. There are no details yet for Cellgraft’s side.

Unearth will release their new album Darkness In The Light on July 4th. Killswitch Engage drummer Justin Foley has filled in recording duties after the departure of Derek Kerswill and Misery Signals’ Branden Morgan will tour with the band. Killswitch’s Adam D has again produced and continuing the Killswitch love-in, bassist Mike D’Antonio has once again designed the artwork below. It’s another fantastic design from D’Antonio who is probably one of the best right now for metal album art. You can see more of his work on his site DarkicoN design Facebook page.

Finally, the artwork for Cave In’s new album, White Silence has been released a while. But the entire artwork for the sleeve can be seen on ex-Isis mainman Aaron Turner’s blog, who designed the sleeve.

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