Morbid Angel: Another track streaming

Let’s keep this post short. You know how Morbid Angel are releasing a new album next month, yeah? And you know how it seems that much of the ‘anticipation’ has been on the negative side? Yeah?

Well, it’s time for another salvo, after the stream of ‘ExistoVulgore’ last month, which was nowhere near as bad as expected but then again it was a track that didn’t have anything of the techno that supposedly litters the rest of the album.

This time, it’s ‘Nevermore’, the first single from the album which is getting a 7” release next Monday. Listen to the song over on the Decibel blog now or down below and by all means give your two cents on it. Mind you, it’s a stretch to call this a new track considering the band have been playing it live for some time.

Nevermore by Decibel Magazine

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