Altar Of Plagues sign with Candlelight Records

Altar Of Plagues are one of the most intriguing and engrossing bands this island has delivered in many years. Melding influences and styles like that of Isis and Neurosis with early black metal as well as some new age experimentalists like Wolves In The Throne Room, their debut record White Tomb was a staggering listen.

Now, after that much lauded effort and many a live show, Candlelight Records, one of the most respected extreme metal labels have signed the Cork band.

The label just made the announcement and the band issued this statement:
“Altar of Plagues are very glad to announce we have signed with Candlelight Records in Europe. We are proud to sit on a roster alongside many bands that we have long admired and that have been a constant source of inspiration for what we do, particularly the likes of Emperor, Enslaved and Blut Aus Nord. We feel Candlelight’s aesthetic compliments what we do perfectly and we’re looking forward to working alongside them in 2010 and beyond.”

This is a massive step forward for the band, one that will see their ambient genre bending excellence reach a whole new audience. Altar Of Plagues are set to release a new EP this year and commence new tours.

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