Grindin’ On: PLF, Flesh Born, Traitor Crucifix

Amongst the never-ending cavalcade of new releases, it’s easy for a number of records to fall by the wayside or under the radar, which is the very reason why you’ll see that this blog will occasionally do a round-up post of records from certain corners of the spectrum. Today is the second instalment of Grindin’ On, a quick look at some of the more interesting grind, hardcore and powerviolence releases of late.


PLF – Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration

PLF don’t fuck about. That’s plain and clear just by the song titles, which sets the tone for barbaric grindcore straight from the off. Last year’s Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter LP was a stellar grind record, in a year peppered with many, showing off PLF’s trademark blazing sound and the rarely disputed pedigree of Bryan Fajardo.

Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration picks up where that album left off. Once again, check that album title. PLF if anything conjure up a whirlwind of fiery grind on every release and this is no different. It’s terse and to the point. The production is a little rougher than its predecessor but serves it very well when tracks like ‘Wicked Strains of Primeval Virus’ and ‘Subterranean Cave Mold’ when their faint death metal flourishes come charging. A shamelessly modernised cover of Assuck’s ‘Page By Page’ tops things off nicely too, taken from Anticapital, which makes for a welcome change than the obvious Misery Index choice.

Flesh Born – Han EP

Texas’ Flesh Born are described as “screamo-meets-black metal”, a blurb that creates absolute horror. What does that even mean? While you could parse some black metal traits if you really wanted to, this is still simply a hardcore record. Everything doesn’t have to be a mish-mash of different things to convince would-be listeners that they’re about to hear something really diverse and out there. Flesh Born just play fantastic, emotionally-charged hardcore. Just leave it at that.

This EP Han is wrought with tinges of emotional frailty that’s reminiscent of classic screamo while also tinkering with straight-forward nothing-fancy powerviolence, which makes for a heady brew. This is a prime example of a band at their best with the limited space that an EP provides, forcing the band to muscle in as much activity and chaos into its sweaty confines. Less is more with Flesh Born.

Traitor Crucifix – Demo

Florida, grindcore and powerviolence are perfect dance partners at this stage. Cellgraft, the sadly disbanded but utterly essential grind band, has many many offshoots and side bands like Faith Addiction and Sacridose, each putting out relentlessly brilliant hardcore and grindcore records. Faith Addiction in particular, whose Order From Chaos EP, is a standout. Traitor Crucifix is the latest addition to this roster of bands featuring these members.

Traitor Crucifx’s riffs are more of the meaty variety, sharing vibe similar to Faith Addiction, but are coupled with classic d-beats and shamelessly catchy hooks that will appeal to the Ruined Families fan in you. Definitely one of 2014’s brightest hardcore lights as far as newcomers go.

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