Words Further Afield

Here’s a round-up of record reviews and interviews that have gone online over the last few weeks on sites like Cvlt Nation and Metal Ireland that I wanted to give a shout-out on this quiet Sunday afternoon.

Misery Index
First up in an interview with death grinders Misery Index where we chat about the album’s lyrics, which examine the Faust legend but told through their own eyes and how it can be applied to modern day. Read the interview here on Cvlt Nation.

Agalloch’s The Serpent and the Sphere may possibly the band’s first ever disappointment where the band feels like they’re on auto-pilot, soaring through the usual tropes that you would expect from the folk-tinged black metallers. Find out more on Metal Ireland here.

Serpentine Path
Next is an interview with Serpentine Path’s Ryan Lypinsky, who discusses everything that brought the ex-Unearthly Trance man to forming his new band and their second record Emanations. He also chats about his dislike for the phrase “supergroup”, Winter’s Stephen Flam joining the band, and his lyrical inspirations. Read it here on Cvlt Nation.

Dead Congregation
Promulgation of the Fall is easily one of the most anticipated death metal records this year. The Greek DM outfit Dead Congregation released one of the finest death metal debuts in 2008 so the long awaited follow up was always going to be a tough challenge. Read the review here.

Finally, we return to Irish shores with the new full-length from prolific Irish black metal duo, Dunmharu. The Light sees the two explore some new, more-melodic realms of their black metal pallet. Check it out here.

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