There’s this decent gig coming up on the 19th

(EDIT: Due to a double booking in The Thomas House, this gig is now taking place in The Phoenix Bar at Dalymount Park in Phibsboro)

With the New Year’s hangovers just about fading away at this stage, it’s time to get back into the grind with some new posts. First up is a reminder of this killer gig coming up in Dublin on the 19th, in the Thomas House Phoenix Bar. First off, there’s the reliably good Putrefaction and Twisted Mass on the bill but most interestingly, there’s the return of Refraction, who haven’t gigged since about early 2011 sadly so it’s a welcome return to say the least.

Filling out the rest of the night is some newer bands. Okus have played a few gigs so far but this will be my first time catching them. It’s crust in case you’re wondering, they’ve tracks online HERE. Meanwhile, there’s Burnchurch and Altered States on the bill, who frankly I know nothing about. The Facebook event page lists the former as “Crust/Hardcore”, featuring members of Easpa Measa and Divisions Ruins supposedly, and the latter “Hardcore/Sludge”. There are probably a few others familiar faces in the bands from other bands around Dublin. But who knows?

Anyway, it’s on Saturday January 19, Thomas House Phoenix Bar, it’s 7 quid and an early start at about 6.30. That’s what you need to know. Have a gander at the poster below.

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