Excerpt of new Swans song

Next month Swans release their new record The Seer, an expansive double album affair. ‘The Apostate’ is taken from the album and the band has been playing it live at some recent shows. There’s now an excerpt of a live performance online (via Vice). The live video is pretty impressive, mostly down to Michael Gira dancing and wildly flailing his arms around like a man deranged (and one could argue that he is). While Swans’ music is always evolving into new ghastly unrecognisable forms, there is one constant – the reaction… the “what the fuck is going on here?” reaction. That reaction remains intact and where exactly The Seer goes is anyone’s guess. It’ll be a challenging listen for sure. My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky was certainly so and it appears the band have intentionally gone out of their way to fuck with us… again.

the apostate (edit) from Marco Porsia on Vimeo.

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