Circle Takes The Square post album teaser

The reactivated experimental hardcore band, Circle Takes The Square have posted a teaser clip for their new album, Decompositions: Volume 1. It will be the long overdue follow-up to 2004’s As The Roots Undo. This clip features material, presumably, from a song entitled ‘Rites of Initiation’.

The clips kicks in with heavy, furious, very metal-like riffs and scathing vocals, only to give way to softer pastures of deep melody and then, erupt cacophonously again. All this highlights the various rich shades of Circle Takes The Square in very enticing fashion, and this is only a 1.40-long salvo. Listen here:

Decompositions: Volume 1 will be released later this year, through the band’s own label, Gatepost Recordings.

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