Bandcamp Barrage #1

A mixed bag of quick fire reviews of records and EPs that have emerged through the waves of bands on Bandcamp and are worth your time to check out.

Audrey Fall – Mitau
Latvia’s Audrey Fall are a band that happily wear their influences on their sleeve in their brand of instrumental post rock. There are healthy doses of Pg.Lost, This Will Destroy You, and Mono at play on Mitau, their debut album but it’s still ridden with their unique bite that keeps things interesting.

This manifests itself in the form of a tight grasp of pace and dynamics. Granted, the peak and trough technique is well worn in post rock but Audrey Fall sway much more naturally through different tones. It’s difficult to make a compelling post rock record in 2014 when everything’s been done and everyone’s just aping each other but Audrey Fall have done it somehow.


Tumbleweed Dealer – Western Horror
Western Horror is the second full-length record from Montreal’s Tumbleweed Dealer with their smoky instrumental stoner rock being the “soundtrack to an imaginary movie” and carries the vibe of some old ‘70s horror movies with an added noir flavour too.

Despite the slightly eerie tones, brisk is probably the best way to describe Western Horror, its eight tracks floating by with little care, heralded by some truly stunning and sleek lead guitar; see tracks like ‘…And the Horse You OD’d On’ for a prime example.


Ellorsith – 1959
This is a release that’s seemingly come out of where with an intriguing concept to match its blistering sound. Ellorsith are Scottish death metal outfit, infected with strains of black metal, exploring the unsolved Dyaltov Pass Incident, where nine ski hikers were found dead in the Ural Mountains in 1959.

The grim topic and desolate artwork that accompanies it makes for a fresh change of theme for a death metal band of this ilk. Musically this EP is in a similar vein to Bolzer and the primal nature of many NWN bands with a cold and harrowing vibe throughout. Well worth keeping an eye on this band in the coming months.

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