FE Denning – Light and Dust

FEDenningThe worlds of harsh noise and power electronics are difficult to put your finger on, having twisted and contorted any semblance music into incomprehensible forms and shapes. Let’s not even get started on song structure.

Sometimes these harsh noise acts, generally one person operations, experience a spurt of attention and coverage though, which shines attention on this bizarre world; see Margaret Chardiet aka Pharmakon and her impressive albeit unsettling oeuvre Abandon.

But trawl through the darker pits of music blogs and you’ll find a wave of artists occupying the noise plains. You’ll have seen acts like Nyodene D, Koufar (and its utterly compelling ambient offshoot Crown of Cerberus) mentioned on these pages before but at some point earlier this year, this new tape from the man known simply as FE Denning emerged from the mire and set a new standard.

Light and Dust is much less abrasive than most of the names mentioned above, straddling a line between ambient and noise, which makes it all the more compelling where waves of spectral beats and washes are fed through industrial machinery-like conduits, creating this sort of two headed entity.

There’s an unsettling warmth, much like the aforementioned Crown of Cerberus, to these four untitled tracks, like a welcoming flair at first, but this creeping and foreboding sense of danger always makes its presence felt. Where this differs from Crown of Cerberus is the altogether darker vibe running throughout these washes of sound, unlike the angelic themes of CoC.

Light and Dust is a tape that’s very easy to get lost in. It’s the sort of listening experience (and “experience” is an apt word to use in this case) that pulls you in and allows you drift off. Imagine listening to this in a sleepy state after a long and arduous day, you’ll feel yourself constantly lulling off only to awaken every couple of minutes, wondering when that sense of doom will finally come crashing in. Will it ever?

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