Ye Olde Playlist, Aug 3

Stalwarts of Irish metal, Abaddon Incarnate’s Pessimist is their first record in years and their first on new label home, Candlelight Records, which is recognition more than deserved. Pessimist is much of what you would expect in its collision of grindcore and death metal but the end result is possibly their best record since Nadir.


Bongripper never do things by half-assed and new LP Miserable is one of their most sprawling and enveloping records, which sees the stoner doom trio deal out more smoke-hazed riffs than ever before. The Sleep nod is an obvious one but the instrumental band’s tinkering with the odd pacier passage (perhaps influenced by side project Consent) gives Bongripper their much-needed distinctiveness.

And in case you missed them, here’s a roundup of some reviews posted elsewhere:

CVLT Nation: Keeper – MMXIV
Crushing misanthropic sludge doom from California

Metal Ireland: Solstafir – Otta
One of Iceland’s most enduring bands return with a new album

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