New Crown of Cerberus tape beckons

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing M. Chami, better known under the pseudonym of Crown of Cerberus, though also Koufar. We discussed everything from the ambient project’s beginning to his latest release at the time, the utterly sublime With Arms Extended to the Heavens, an equally harrowing and beautiful piece of electronic music. He also touched on a number of releases he was working on at the time, one of which was his next tape Her Everlasting Strength, the final piece of his Strength triptych.

The cassette is being releases by noise and power electronics label, TerrorIt and is limited to 100 copies. The only taste we have thus far is the short two minute clip streaming below, which suggests Chami is continuing on his path of gorgeous and hypnotic light synths with this new release. The striking artwork was once again handled by Si Clark and you can check out the full spread for the release now over at his blog.

Personally, I’m really looking to hearing this new release soon but for now, I’ll just sate my appetite and eagerly wait on news of his next record, Gardens of Nocturne, a collaborative release with Nyodene D.

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