The state of The Grind That Annoys

All 2.3 of you have probably noticed that The Grind That Annoys hasn’t exactly been a hive of activity over the last few months, save for the end-of-year list making extravaganza that took place in December. I mentioned early last year that posting would slow down and the era of daily posts was long gone. But I haven’t kept up to speed with posting on here as much as I would like, mostly because in that time I travelled for a couple of months and have since been busy with a lot of work. Enough excuses though.

My initial plan reined things into three posts or so a week but I have decided to take The Grind That Annoys in a new direction, one that complements the writing I do elsewhere on Metal Ireland or CVLT Nation and what have you.

This will consist of longer pieces covering multiple bands and news, hopefully going more in depth, opposed to the old hey-look-at-this-band-here’s-some-shit-about-their-new-track-they-have-streaming-on-Metal-Sucks posts. Maybe there will be the odd shorter new posts, where suitable.

With that in mind, there will only be a handful of posts every month. I’m also interested in doing more interviews here as well as “exclusive” streams, if anyone’s interested. Though I’ll usually put most of my music writing efforts into the other sites I write for… y’know, where someone might actually read them. Comment below if you’re interested in doing something here with me but chances are if you’re reading this here now then you know how to contact me anyway.

Expect a post in the next few days and a possible re-design in the coming weeks.

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