New music Sunday: Woods of Desolation, Hell, Mizmor

Secluded Australian black metal entity Woods of Desolation will be releasing their new album, As The Stars on February 14th through Northern Silence. Joined by Drudkh’s Vlad in drums for this record, As The Stars will be the follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed Torn Beyond Reason. They are currently streaming a track of their melody-rich emotive black metal now called ‘This Autumn Light’. Listen below.

Oregon’s Hell are currently planning a split LP with fellow Oregonians Mizmor, to be released in January. The band’s wretched festering sludge doom is a crushing sound to behold, made so clear by their most recent output in Hell III and the split cassette with Amorok.  The band’s side of the LP will be made up of one track ‘Foetorem Timere’ and the band recently posted a four minute sample of the track. It captures only a scent of the song with strings and gentle guitars that suggest it is only the intro coupled with a brief couple of seconds of droning sludge riffing at the end.

Meanwhile, Mizmor are streaming their own clip, which is only about a minute and ten seconds. They occupy a very similar sonic realm as Hell with deathly droning guitars and eerie melodies but this clip only reveals a tad. Have a listen.

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