Weekend Nachos – Still

Rip, rage, repeat. It’s the Weekend Nachos formula for their searing hate-fuelled grind that has continually served them well, jamming unbridled ferocity into short running times. In the case of this new LP Still; 22 minutes. Finding a home with Relapse Record hasn’t stunted this modus operandi either and is Weekend Nachos…em… still being Weekend Nachos.

Still is sonic diatribe after sonic diatribe. It relies on a well-worn formula as it continues to serve them and the band continue to stick out from a wave of similar other bands that are firing out 7”s and tapes all year round with little focus on establishing a sound unto themselves.

Thankfully, Weekend Nachos are a band that do have an established sound for themselves. Of course, the band’s fastcore tendencies are the most exploited but the slow trudge of Unforgivable still makes its presence felt, like on ‘Yes Way’.

‘Nachos are straddling a line between metallic hardcore and powerviolence right now and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can throw them off balance.

Granted, Still isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel and it’s not 2013’s very best hardcore or grindcore record (Cloud Rat and Iron Lung are more likely contenders for that mantle). Either way, it’s another terse and belligerent fist full of seething grind that does exactly what it is says the tin (apologies for the cliché).

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