New Celeste track

French black metal and hardcore hybrids Celeste have been absent from our lives for far too long but will soon remedy that with new record Animale(s), a new song from which you can stream below. The track, ‘Laissé Pour Compte Comme Un Bâtard’, sees the band at a broody pace and mood unlike the searing cacophonies of Morte(s) Nee(s) but it’s still no less deafening and dissonant. Since the release of their last LP in 2010, Celeste have witnessed a burgeoning scene of “blackened hardcore” bands, some rather stellar like Hexis and sadly many others not so much, where little dynamic has been explored, merely meshing the odd d-beat with typically BM shrieking vocals. Thankfully we will soon have Celeste back in tow. Animale(s)will be a double album released in November by Denovali Records. Listen to the new cut below.

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