New Irish death metal: Malthusian

Malthusianare Ireland’s latest death metal prospects but not with new faces, as they include members of Altar of Plagues, Mourning Beloveth, On Pain of Death and Wreck of the Hesperus. Since playing their first (and thus far only) show in April with Gospel of the Horns, the band’s primeval death metal has been eagerly anticipated in recorded format, with Invictus Productions handling the demo tape release. Now several months later, we are gifted with the first taste of the band’s raw and visceral material – ‘Hallucinogen’.

The band’s sound is the very epitome of underground DM, with murky guitars and a dank atmosphere. The band worked with Ola Ersfjord (who’s previously recorded Vomitor) at Sun Studios in Dublin and while the production is anything but glossy, it’s much grander than say ZOM in that the band has several different layers, especially in the riffs department and the trio of vile vocals, and they’ve have been given the necessary room to breathe and manoeuvre.

Demo MMXIIIwill be released on November 23rd when Malthusian play The Pint, Dublin with Urfaust. Expect more on Malthusian soon. Until then, feast on ‘Hallucinogen’:

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