Voyages of Discovery

In case you didn’t know, I’m back from my travels and home in Ireland once again. As was tradition throughout the summer, I posted on this blog several times about different bands I had seen, especially new bands and inspired by the Homolka post just before I left Toronto, I decided to gather together a couple of the bands I saw in various cities in the US and Canada that really made an impression on me. There were a lot, needless to say, and the only criteria for their inclusion here is that the gig I caught them at had to be my first time seeing and hearing of them and finally, they need to have some music online so I can share it here (I’m looking at you Toskä, get something out there pronto).

Pretty Mouth (Toronto)
Starting with another Toronto band, we have the slightly bizarre and off kilter Pretty Mouth. Techy but no less misanthropic grind is the order of the day with utterly frenetic and violent riffing courtesy of eight string guitars, joined by frantic drums. The vocals really top it all off with uneasy speak/groan/scream combos. The band has a full-length coming out shortly but they must be caught live, especially for the antics of the vocalist.

Night Nurse (Portland)

Portland’s Night Nurse play raging death crust. Simple as that. Imagine the filthy crust influences of Hellshock mashed together with the fury of Putrefaction and Martyrdöd and you’ve pretty much got the idea. With just a demo from last year under their belts, the band is currently working away on an album. There are a few tracks on their Bandcamp for your listening (dis)pleasure. Listen to ‘Don’t Uphold Their Law’ below.

Where have Vancouver’s Erosion been hiding? The band’s roaring d-beat inflected death metal is an utter triumph, as evidenced by their new tape, the pleasantly titled, Kill Us All. There’s a healthy hardcore and crust influence at play here, such as the obvious Repulsion and Discharge nods in the grimy riffing and vomiting-forth vocal style, all the while a faint scent of Sweden can be heard sloshing around. Release an LP, pronto.

Buffalo’s Gas Chamber sound like the apocalypse – Raging dark hardcore and grind inflected with discomfiting electronics and unnerving, eerie melodies. Of all the bands mentioned here, Gas Chamber may be the most intriguing, simply down to their unbridled fury and passion. The band has a forthcoming split with Column of Heaven, which is an altogether devastating prospect. Gas Chamber could be something special. Get a taste below.

Supporting Vattnet Viskar in The Acheron in Brooklyn were post black metallers Black Table from NY/NJ. Their set started off a tad bit patchy but they swiftly turned it around with angular riffing and caustic vocals. There’s a doom flavour at play here too that’s the perfect accompaniment to their more searing moments. They recently toured with Downfall of Gaia and they’re quite a fitting band to do so, sharing a sonic camaraderie with the band as well as hints of Chrome Waves and Krallice. The band released their demo tape, Sentinel, last year, which is now sold out but can be streamed below.

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