New music: Tempestuous Fall, Seidr, Black Wing

Last year the prolific Australian musician Dis Pater commenced his new project under the guise of Tempestuous Fall, where he stepped away from black metal and into funeral doom, and the result was the rather stunning album, The Stars Would Not Awake You. This October he’ll release a new TF album entitled Converge, Rivers of Hell, once again working with I, Voidhanger from Italy for the release. ‘Pyriphlegethon’ is the first taster of the record with many of the TF hallmarks in place, drenched in sorrowful but gorgeous melodies and crushing dirges of guitars. Listen below.

Seidr are prepping the release of their new full-length, Ginnungagap. The band, which features Panopticon’s Austin Lunn and members of Wheels Within Wheels are streaming an expansive cut from the record now, via Stereogum. ‘The Pillars of Creation’ is the band’s post rock imbued black metal at its finest, with utterly wretched churning vocals to counteract to melody-rich vibe. Listen HERE.

On the flip is Black Wing, a project affiliated with Enemies List who put out the Dweller on the Threshold album last year, and includes dark folk misery merchant Giles Corey. ‘My Body Betrayed Me’ is a demo to tease new material in the works for an official release, and trades in acoustic guitars and pianos for discomfiting electronics. It very much shares the sombre vibes and melancholia of Giles Corey though. This will be an album worth keeping an eye out for.

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