Latest reviews: Rosetta, Gorguts, Zhora, True Widow

Once again it’s time for a quick round up of the latest reviews splattered across the internet. Let’s get to it.

Rosetta – The Anaesthete
US post metallers Rosetta released their new full-length The Anaesthete, online and independently, for a pay what you want price. It’s an experiment of sorts for the band. Click HERE to see if it might pay off.

Gorguts – Colored Sands
No introductions needed. Gorguts are back with a new album after 12 years. Colored Sands is easily one of the year’s most interesting metal records but for the right or wrong reasons? Read the review from earlier this week HERE.

ZhOra – Almaz
Tipperary metallers ZhOra were really onto something last year with their online demo but now they’ve dropped their first full-length, Almaz. In a year saturated with stellar Irish records where do ZhOra fall into this puzzle? Read the review HERE


True Widow – Circumambulation
A few heads were scratched when True Widow signed with Relapse Records. The Texan trio’s dark dreamy rock, imbued with shades of Slowdive and Mazzy Star, is pretty far removed from Relapse’ usual roster, however, Circumambulation is an utter triumph for the band that doesn’t buckle at the knees to fit in with their new cohorts. Click HERE for the review.

One thought on “Latest reviews: Rosetta, Gorguts, Zhora, True Widow

  1. music submission: PLUG (feat members of Mammoth Grinder / Iron Age)

    PLUG is a heavy, noisy, sci-fi-chedelic metal band from San Antonio, TX, and our debut record is called BACK ON THE SKULL.

    The band includes Tyler Lutz (Lie and Wait, FEED), Zach Brin (Lie and Wait, FEED, Bitter End), Reed DeAngelis (Iron Age, Bitter End, The Mites), Scott Corbin (On My Side), and Raul Vela IV (FEED, The Mites, Gleeson).

    Bass on the record was played by Chris Ulsh of Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip, Hatred Surge, and The Impalers.

    We love The Melvins, Motorhead, The Wipers, Discharge, ZZ Top, Unsane, Black Sabbath, Helmet, Torche, Cactus, Pantera, etc – and we hope it reminds you of awesome shit you like.

    You can hear / download the record on our bandcamp here:

    Here is our facebook page:

    Thanks for listening, and I hope you have a great day,

    Raul Vela IV

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