Photos: Vhöl and Bone Sickness in Seattle

So you probably noticed that posts have been sparse here of late and there’s a good reason for that. I’m currently doing some travelling, as you may have seen I was just in Vancouver and I’m currently in Seattle. Posting will get back on track soon hopefully but for now here are some more photos posts, given that I’m at a few shows that I wouldn’t see otherwise. Vhöl played in Seattle on Friday, the “supergroup” including members of Yob, Hammers of Misfortune and Agalloch, in The Highline with Seattle’s Bone Sickness supporting, who I was very excited about having the chance to see. Uzala and Brain Scraper also played.

Bone Sickness were on it and Vhöl’s performance didn’t have too much to criticise as far as execution but here’s the part where I chime in on the fuss over Vhöl. The energetic black metal-imbued tunes are solid of course but still average, although the elements of Hammers of Misfortune that seep in are a nice touch. However I can’t ever listen to this band without feeling like they are merely the sum of their parts and the mighty weight of their respective bands overshadows all, and their live show didn’t do much to sway me otherwise. Nevertheless, there are a few photos below that I snapped while at the show, which had rather poor lighting (intentional, I presume). I never said I was a photographer.

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