New reviews: Man’s Gin, Morne, Mouth of the Architect, Scale the Summit, Crown of Cerberus

There are a lot of reviews to get through so please get clicking the links to the respective sites now. Cheers.

Man’s Gin – Rebellion Hymns 
Erik Wunder of Cobalt helms Man’s Gin, a foray into dark folk and Americana. Rebellion Hymns is the band’s second album, a notable improvement on an already impressive foundation, so much so that we have an album of the year contender on our hands. Read HERE 
Morne – Shadows
Crushing sludge and abject misery but an eerie sense of melody and a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel; this is the world of Morne and their new LP Shadows, the follow-up to the acclaimed Asylum. Read the full review HERE 
Mouth of the Architect – Dawning
Mouth of the Architect have been through a lot but never quite carved out the momentous album that they needed. Dawning may not exactly be that album yet but it’s a definite step in the right direction. Read the review on Metal Ireland HERE 
Scale the Summit – The Migration
The Migration is Scale the Summit’s fourth record and may be their best yet, which is really saying something after 2011’s staggering album, The Collective. Find out how by reading the review HERE 
Crown of Cerberus – With Arms Extended To Heavens 
M. Chami, also of Koufar and Disgust, has left power electronics to the side for his latest project, the utterly beautiful and enthralling Crown of Cerberus and a meandering but engrossing ambient album in With Arms Extended to the Heavens. Read HERE on CVLT Nation.

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