Quickfire reviews: Okus and Hatred Surge

Okus – Okus
Underground Movement’s latest release is the debut album from ‘new’ Irish crust band Okus. While the band is new, these are familiar faces including members of Sodb, The Dagda and Fuckhammer. The four-piece immediately drew some attention late last year and early this year with some demo tracks online but this self-titled record is a whole other beast.

Early Swedish crust, particularly that of Wolfbrigade, is the chief inspiration behind this one, which is no bad thing but it’s a heavy populated pool however Okus have the bit between their teeth and that’s evident after the slow trudging intro of ‘Blood and Oil’ gives way to familiar pacey riffs and drums.

Tracks like ‘Light Obscene’ are searing slabs of crusty hardcore while ‘Jackyl’ commences in brooding fashion. The self-titled is pretty raw and unforgiving. More please.

Hatred Surge – Human Overdose 
Next up is the return of Texas’ finest powerviolence export Hatred Surge with their new LP, Human Overdose, which is the band laying their cards on the table for all to see. It’s a fast and belligerent slab of hardcore once again, clocking in at a terse 21 minutes.

Things open with a more menacing number in the intro ‘Figurehead’ though and the paced ‘Inhalation of Dimethyltryptamine’. This acts as a cautious introduction that eventually gathers in velocity to bring us to the wrath of ‘Hierarchy’.

‘Inoculation’ is a standout from this LP that will leave a few scars behind, it’s utterly savage and is Hatred Surge at some of their best. Meanwhile, ‘Suicide Mission’ is a devastating hail of juddering drums and blazing guitars that really capture the essence of this record – no nonsense bludgeoning.

Much like the outcome of the Heartless 7” a few weeks ago, it’s predictable and doesn’t stray from the beaten path. It’s Hatred Surge being Hatred Surge, which is no bad thing.

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