New Irish tracks: Parhelia & Zhora

This past week two Irish bands posted new songs from forthcoming albums that are worth chatting about. Firstly, Parhelia have emerged from inactivity with their first release in years, posting a new track ‘Capricorn One’ and there won’t be much waiting around either as the album, The Precipice of Change, is supposedly coming out in the next week or so. The Dublin instrumental post rock band has been sorely missed, particularly since 2009’s stellar Shifting Sands.

Moving on to heavier stuff, Tipperary’s Zhora are prepping their first full-length, Almaz, after releasing a very promising EP last year. ‘Voynich’ is the first taster of this album and it’s quite the gauntlet they have laid down. The band will definitely appeal to anyone with a penchant for Mastodon’s heaviness but with a flair of BM guitars to plucked out from the malaise as well as judicial amounts of poignant melody. Check out the track below. 

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