Kayo Dot post first taster of Hubardo

In case you missed it, Kayo Dot will be releasing a new expansive double album called Hubardo later this year, which they are crowdfunding through pre-orders before the recording began. Toby Driver has just posted a new song from the album – ‘And He Built Him a Boat’.

Featuring guest vocals from none other than Jessika Kenney, this new song sees the avant-garde band trek into heavier realms. While last album Gamma Knife toyed with black metal-like vocals, the instrumentation was a little dreamier than the band’s earliest material. On ‘And He Built Him a Boat’, creeping discordant guitars give way to hymn-like passages where Kenney and Driver entwine their vocals beautifully, perfect the light/heavy balance just right.

As per usual it’s a magnetic listen that takes several listens to really hit home but ultimately you’re still left feeling somewhat empty, knowing that this seven minute song is just one segment of a grander double album and what Hubardo has in store is anyone’s guess.

Hubardo hasn’t got an exact release date yet but is expected to be “due this fall”. 

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