Fear Factory played Archetype live?

This video is starting to do the rounds and it’s pretty interesting. Currently Fear Factory is on an Australian tour where they are playing their seminal 1995 album Demanufacture album in its entirety but in their encore in Brisbane they broke out the title track of 2004’s Archetype.

In case you need a quick history lesson, guitarist Dino Cazares left the band after 2001’s Digimortal. It was something of an acrimonious split but Fear Factory would release two albums without Dino’s presence and signature playing; the overlooked Archetype and the abysmal Transgression. Was Archetype a fluke or was Transgression just a chink in the chain? We’ll never know as Dino would reunite with vocalist Burton C Bell for 2010’s reunion record Mechanize, which was stellar and 2012’s The Industrialist, which was a bit of a dud. Do you see a pattern developing here?

But since they returned, they’ve been riding the wave of nostalgia a little bit so it came as a surprise that they would actually play a song that Dino Cazares has nothing to do with, especially when he accused the band of ripping him off when they put it out in 2004 and includes the lyric “the infection has been removed”, a jibe at Dino’s departure.

Unfortunately, the performance isn’t up to scratch and Bell’s vocals seem shot on this particular song, bearing in mind that it’s a fan filmed YouTube clip but perhaps it hints to them playing the track more in the future or maybe others from Archetype like ‘Slave Labor’ or ‘Bonescraper’, just leave Transgression where it is, ok? Watch the video below.

One thought on “Fear Factory played Archetype live?

  1. A friend and I were just asking ourselves what happened to Fear Factory, one of your fav bands in high school 🙂 Any U.S. tours upcoming? You have a great blog with all of your musical reviews!

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