New Gorguts track

Some of the best news this week came in the form of Gorguts, who will be releasing their first album in 12 years, Colored Sands, in September and the avant-garde death metal luminaries are now streaming a new track ‘Forgotten Arrows’.

Erupting with those Obscura-isms laced on the guitars that we hoped for, ‘Forgotten Arrows’ gets off to a promising start. The vocals take a swerve though, buried a little lower in the mix than usual. The production has put great emphasis on the guitars and bass, something typical of a Colin Marston production job. He hasn’t lost of the band’s eerie melody though, which counteracts the dizzying and meandering technicality and dissonance. Totally crushing.

Colored Sands will drop on September 3rd through Season of Mist. Check out the cover below and more importantly, the new song too.

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