Latest reviews – Deafheaven, Palms, Year of No Light and more

Posts have been slow on The Grind That Annoys lately, so apologies for that but here’s a round-up of the latest records review online over the last week or so. Click away and read on.

Deafheaven – Sunbather
One of the biggest records of the year and easily one of the most anticipated after the success of Roads to Judah and several high profile tours. Check it out HERE.

Year of No Light – Vampyr
France’s droning doom behemoths Year of No Light are back with a new full-length, Vampyr, a score to the classic film of the same name. Read it on CVLT Nation HERE

Palms – Palms
The long awaited supergroup with members of Isis joined by Deftones’ Chino Moreno is definitely getting a lot of attention given the key players involved. Click HERE to see if the fuss is worth it.

Wrekmeister Harmonies – You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me
Another “supergroup” of sorts. This intriguing record has kind of popped up out of nowhere. Let’s just leave it that. You need to read about this one – HERE.

Leucosis – Leucosis 
Californian black metallers Leucosis have well and truly arrived on the scene with this, their second album. Expansive and harrowing are just two ways to describe this otherworldly album. The review is HERE on MetalIreland.

Pest – The Crowning Horror
Finally we have Pest, from Sweden, with a new album. The Crowning Horror is the band’s latest offering of old school black metal but how does it hold up? Check it out HERE.

Regular posting on the blog will resume in the coming days. Cheers.

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