Pics from Despise You

Last weekend, I went to see Despise You here in Toronto, which was killer. To be honest, I thought they’d be one of those bands I’d just never get to see for a few reasons, namely because they don’t exactly tour Europe every year now, do they? Lo and behold, I checked through some tumblr stuff a few weeks ago by chance and saw that they were doing some Canadian dates just two weeks after I arrive, so lucky me. There were some really cool bands playing on the bill with them too that I’ll get into later, they deserve their own post each but for now here’s some terrible photos I took with a crappy digital camera in between the madness. Special mention needs to be made of the venue too – Soybomb. It’s a BYOB spot where the ‘stage’ is a quarter pipe skating ramp, it’s definitely one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been in, hopefully I’ll be checking out more shows there in the future.


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