The return of Leafblade – new label, new album

You would be forgiven for not knowing who Leafblade are. It’s a folk-laden prog rock side project from Anathema’s Daniel Cavanagh that included members of Antimatter. They released one album, Beyond, Beyond, a few years ago while Anathema were on downtime and then sort of shuffled off into the background somewhere. Now, Daniel has revived the project with a new record, The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh, signed with Kscope and has Anathema’s new keyboardist Daniel Cardoso by his side.

Kscope released the details of the new album today along with a new song entitled ‘Bethlehem’, which is a lush and verdant eight minute hymn that utilises some more electric guitars to complement the usually acoustic-led arrangements.

Stream the song below now and read Daniel’s take on the record HERE.

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