New tunes, new bands: Scale The Summit, Shardborne, Wisdom of Crowds

Scale The Summit posted a song last week from their new record The Migration. ‘Odyssey’, which you can stream below, picks up right where The Collective left off with more dynamic song structure and atmospherics to complement to the dizzying technicality and further proves why Scale the Summit are lightyears ahead of most of the instru-metal dross of recent years.

Another band who are head and shoulders above the rest is Limerick tech metallers Shardborne who have posted their new video for ‘Living Bridges’, the first taste of their new album scheduled for release some time in the middle of the year. The video is a simple performance shoot to accompany the eight minute track that has expanded greatly on the ideas laid down with their 2011 EP Aeonian Sequence. Check out the video below.

Finally, Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse and Pineapple Thief mainman Bruce Soord have announced a new project together – Wisdom of Crowds. The band launched a Facebook page recently and have scheduled June 3rd for the release of their debut self-titled album. A brief minute and a half teaser can be heard below. Expect more news soon.

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