Amber – Lovesaken

Amber are in a difficult position. Lovesaken is their first LP and it’s being released in world that is now oversaturated with bands playing in a similar vein, crafting massive, melodic hardcore with flavours of post rock seeping through every pore. When you get a crowd like this, it’s difficult to really pick out the great from the mediocre and discard the rest. For every Light Bearer or Children of God, you’ll have some utterly derivative bandwagon jumping dross. So where do Germany’s Amber fit into this puzzle? They don’t really fit in anywhere, more forcing their way through and demanding your attention as Lovesaken is a definite triumph amongst this sea of otherwise dull bands. Stand up and recognise.

Amber’s music is one informed by many different guises of hardcore. There’s the epic crust inflection of fellow countrymen Alpinist and Downfall of Gaia, coupled with intense levels of melody and the bleeding heart emotion of screamo. Emotion is something that Lovesaken is not short on with each of these six tracks laying its battered heart on the ground for the whole world to see. This is made all too clear by the near-painful vocals of Anna, who bares all in each of her caustic shrieks that complement the sleek riffs.

Production-wise, the band has clearly spared no expense as Lovesaken is a gorgeously captured record with a vast sprawling space that allows Amber’s music to unfurl. ‘Lost’ is very much an example of this with a sombre intro giving way to a soaring riff and an imposing vocal performance.

The album reaches its true zenith with the title track, which brings this massive record to a close. ‘Lovesaken’ is a ten minute journey through daunting peaks and troughs that pull and drag you back and forth through a wide emotional spectrum, much like the album as a whole but with this crescendo, they have augmented each facet of their music, one last time.

Amber’s EP from last year definitely piqued a few ears’ interest but it wasn’t as gripping as this record. Lovesaken is the sound of a band starting to realise their potential, honing their skills and disposing of weakness.

Stream the record in full below.

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