New track from Altar of Plagues

Altar of Plagues have posted a second new track from their forthcoming album, Teethed Glory and Injury, released on April 30th. ‘Scald Scar of Water’ is another example of the band’s massive leaps into new territory with this new album, evidenced thus far by the artwork and video for ‘God Alone’, a move that was garnered praise and loathing in equal measure.

‘Scald Scar of Water’ is a seven minute odyssey, which is one of the album’s longer tracks. Unlike before where the band would venture into lengthy 15/20 minute journeys, the new album is made up of much more shorter tracks so ‘Scald Scar of Water’ makes for something of a change in Teethed Glory and Injury’s running time.

The track begins with a tribal-like drums and utterly agonising vocals that soon give way to a familiar black metal snarl that’s complemented by a bedding of unnerving electronics under the surface of guitars and drums. Eventually we hit a dark trough where the band completely changes the tempo and vibe, dragging us into this cold room of humming noises and ethereal chanting vocals. Much like the album as a whole, there’s so much to take in here.

Keep an eye out for the full album review soon as well as an interview with James Kelly. ‘Scald Scar of Water’ is streaming on the Terrorizer website and NPR

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