News tidbits: Dread Sovereign, Agrimonia, A Storm of Light

Dread Sovereign, the new band from Primordial’s Nemtheanga posted their first taster of new music in ‘Thirteen Clergy To The Flames’ from the 12” EP We Pray To The Devil In Man that coincides with their live debut at Roadburn. The song meets many of the descriptions that were floating about for a weeks, channelling Cirith Ungol and Venom into a slab of vintage metal that’s totally at odds with the modern era, and shamelessly so. Meanwhile, there’s a cool interview with Nemtheanga on Metal Ireland, conducted by Jamie Grimes, check it out HERE.

Agrimonia  are streaming a new song via Pitchfork. ‘Talion’ is an 11 minute track taken from their new third album Rites of Separation, their first for Southern Lord. The Swedish ‘epic’ crust band, who feature members of Martyrdöd and At The Gates have been absent for a few years but have come roaring with this new song that while a little formulaic at times definitely draws some attention for what will hopefully be another solid album from them. Listen to the song HERE.
Finally, and speaking of Southern Lord, A Storm of Light have announced their new record, Nations To Flames, will be released on the label. The band has hopped between different labels over the years, whether it’s Neurot, Profound Lore or Burning World so who knows how long this relationship for. The album is described as “faster, much darker and noisier,” according to band leader Josh Graham, who left Neurosis late last year when they decided to end all live visuals, which Graham created and orchestrated during shows so it appears that A Storm of Light is his number one priority now, adding “on this record, we have finally found ourselves”. No release date is set yet.

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