Iron Lung – White Glove Test

Has it really been about five years since Iron Lung’s Sexless//No Sex album? Despite pining for a new LP from arguably powerviolence’s very best, time has flown by on that one. It doesn’t even seem that long ago that Life. Iron Lung. Death. was trouncing our heads in for the first time but lo it’s been nearly 10 years.

Since then, the generally prolific world of powerviolence and the broader world of grindcore has contorted and changed into different forms – lots of new bands and records, other bands dying a death. Unlike the latter, Iron Lung aren’t feared dead anymore finally unleashing White Glove Test upon waiting ears.

It would be unfair to say that White Glove Test is ‘straightforward’ or anything of the sort but the album does follow an expected path of most powerviolence records. Add to this, the band haven’t just released a new LP of 18 songs but a slew of bonus noise tracks too that, when mixed together in a Times of Grace/Tribes of Neurot’s Grace sense, creates another oeuvre to indulge in. This is where White Glove Test starts to get interesting.

The noise tracks add a whole new depth and level of intrigue to the already pummelling songs of White Glove Test. Between searing guitars and drums, you’ll pick out molesting noise elements piercing through that create a harrowing and uneasy listen. Imagine some of the noise that contemporaries Column of Heaven utilise for a broad idea of what Iron Lung have done with this ‘merging’.

Where the original edition of the album is bludgeoning and aggressive, it could have used a tad bit more sludginess in the tones to gain that truly sloppy, unbridled and severe feel; the addition of the noise creates a whole new world. The bellicosity is complemented by a hypnotic air that’s easy to become totally lost in.

Regardless of which version you listen to, White Glove Test merely compounds the already accepted belief that there’s no other band out there quite like Iron Lung.

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