Track stream: Chosen’s Engines of Belief

Irish progressive death metallers, Chosen are getting ready to release their debut full-length Resolution on March 30th for free download, followed by two limited edition CD runs, with a new track ‘Engines of Belief’ available to stream and download below.

The band’s melodic prog metal, tinted with shades of modern death metal, brings together the erraticism and edgy compositions of Meshuggah, the ambitious heaviness of Gojira and latter Cynic’s grandeur. While wearing their influences on their sleeves, the pairing of Paul Shields (guitars and vocals) and David McCann (drums and percussion) have tried to forge an identity and sound that they can call their own and Resolution definitely takes some positive steps towards that. The album was produced by Alwyn Walker in the esteemed Westland Studios.

“Our hope is to put our music out there, make it as accessible as possible, and simply let people discover it in their own time, free of charge,” said David McCann in a press release about the album and the decision to release for free. “While we do respect the rights of other bands and artists who want to charge for their music upfront, we believe in this new method of exposure and it’s something we are willing to explore for the foreseeable future in this digital age of abundance.”

Have a listen to ‘Engines of Belief’ below, which comes with a free download, and check out the CD release details after the jump.

Resolution will be available as a Deluxe Special Edition CD or a Collectors’ Edition. The Deluxe Edition comes with a bonus disc of nine songs while the Collectors’ Edition includes all that as well as expanded artwork and a 60-page liner note booklet. Keep an eye of the band’s website HERE for ordering info.

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