Streams: Giles Corey and Eleleth

Two new releases came out online this week and you can stream them right here. First off, Giles Corey released a new three track EP out of nowhere this called Hinterkaifeck, which sees him at his most downtrodden yet with a harrowingly beautiful dark folk. This is no easy task, you’ll understand if you heard his sublime 2011 self-titled album. Stream the album right here or go on over to his Bandcamppage to buy the digital release for a measly $3

Earlier this week you may have read the fawning Light Bearer review. Vocalist Alex CF has been working on this new project, Eleleth, with Michele from Italian black metallers Gottesmorder, which saw the light of day this week in the shape of this new EP called Theothanatology. Eleleth is a drone and dark ambient exploration for the duo with harsh, scathing vocals for the most part but some delicate clean singing to be found, all conjuring a cold atmosphere. Listen below: 

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