New tracks from Zozobra and Woe

Have a good weekend? In case you missed out on this bit of news, Zozobra and Woe both released new tracks from their respective forthcoming records.

Zozobra have been pretty quiet for the last few, specifically since last album 2008’s Bird of Prey and it’s not really surprising for the band helmed by Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield. Cave In jetted back into our consciousness in 2009 and released a long awaited new album in 2011 so many would have assumed that Zozobra and other side projects might be on the backburner for a while but lo and behold there was a new Old Man Gloom record last year and Zozobra will release new full-length, Savage Masters in April via Brutal Panda Records. The album will allegedly move a little away from their crushing sludge sound toward a more hardcore based sound, striking an assiduous balance between. This new song ‘Black Holes’ certainly attests to that anyway.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia black metallers Woe are prepping the release of their new LP entitled Withdrawal, to be released through Candlelight and have a new song streaming over on Pitchfork. ‘Carried by Waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth’ is the first hint of the new Woe. Last album, Quietly, Undramatically was the first record released by Chris Grigg with a full band, having been as a multi-instrumentalist and Woe a lone man BM entity before that. Now with Withdrawal they have truly expanded into a fully-fledged band and are better for it as ‘Carried…’ is a very whole sounding track, opposed to the lacklustre production that plagued Quietly, Undramatically, so much so that is was re-mastered last year. Check out the stream HERE and the artwork below. 

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