Reviews round-up: Mourning Beloveth, Kongh, Children of God

Here is a quick round-up of all the latest reviews from the last few days. Firstly, there are two new record reviews up on the Molten Magazine website, namely Mourning Beloveth’s Formless and Kongh’s Sole Creation. The former is a devastatingly beautiful slab of affecting doom metal from the Irish band, one we would come to expect of course but Formless is particularly impressive. Click HERE to find out why. On the flip side, there’s Kongh, best click HERE then to see what I’m talking about.

Thirdly – Children of God. This new LP, We Set Fire to the Sky, is definitely something to be excited about. The Californian hardcore/sludge band have totally stepped up their game for this one and the results are pretty stunning. Click HERE for the review on CVLT Nation.

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