News: Palms post music at last, Enabler & KEN Mode drop new tracks and Season of Mist make a signing

This week has been jammed with new music and news across the board, with new tracks from Enabler and KEN Mode as well as info (finally) on the debut album from Palms, the new band featuring ex-members of Isis, joined by Deftones’ Chino Moreno, who will be releasing their self-titled record on June 25th, through Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records. If you’ve read this blog down through the years then you might have guessed that Isis are (or were, whatever) one of my most beloved bands. Deftones, not so much. They’ll always be one of those bands I don’t understand the total adulation for, other than White Pony, no album has ever grabbed me, though I do, however, understand the uniqueness of Chino’s voice and mixing this in with the instrumentation of Jeff Caxide, Aaron Harris and Clifford Meyer is certainly quite interesting. Chino uploaded a new song, ‘Tropics’ that was removed soon after, strangely, but here it is again. It could be gone by the time you read this though…

[EDIT: Yeah, it’s gone again]

Just a few days ago, we were looking at the new artwork for Enabler’s forthcoming 7” Shift of Redemption. Well, Metal Sucks are now streaming a new song – ‘Live Low’. Check it out HERE. The opening lyrics of “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you forever” pretty much sums up this track, with the band not losing any of their vitriol but none of their melody either. Don’t forget that Enabler play The Pint on March 1st with Rotten Sound and Martyrdöd.
Speaking of new songs, KEN Mode have debuted yet another new track from Entrench called ‘Terror Pulse’ thanks to Exclaim! Magazine. The album, which is their first with Season of Mist, is slated to be their very best yet… no easy feat. Have a listen to the track HERE, and here’s the what the band themselves had to say about the track: “The first couple track debuts from Entrench’ have seen us showcasing a little bit more of our hardcore/metalcore side, so with ‘The Terror Pulse’ we’ve scaled things back to an older school noise rock feel. Conjuring our interpretation of early Swans and Rollins Band, the song truly drips with the venom of mistreatment as it pulsates its way into your subconscious. This is goodbye.”

While we’re on the topic of Season of Mist, the label has signed Australian prog metallers Ne Obliviscaris. You may remember that they released a stunning album last year. No? Let this jog your memory.

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